About Pacific Laundry Service

Our state of the art washing machines and dryers are regularly maintained to ensure that there are no breakdowns. Your satisfaction is our goal.

A Canadian-owned and operated commercial laundry service, Pacific Laundry Service caters to the hotel, restaurant, school, medical, spa, salons and individual sectors. We are a commercial laundry company serving businesses on the Vancouver lower mainland. We pick up and drop off any time of the day or the night. Our company prides its self on professional and courteous drivers, clean and new delivery vehicles and 24-hour turnaround time. We require no contracts but are a service to service company. If you are a commercial entity, we provide discounts for large orders.

All linens, uniforms, towels and medical laundry are handled professionally by experienced staff who are adept at laundering different types of supplies. Our professional staff is well aware of the correct cleaning agents; chemicals and formulas required to launder items correctly. We have the proper laundering equipment to get the hardest of soiled linens cleaned perfectly. We will iron and fold your linens and laundry according to your specifications.

We take pride in our staff. We know they are knowledgeable, trained and care about their jobs. Our expert staff understands the laundry business and processes.

Pacific Commercial Laundry Service has been in business for many years and offer solutions to many different types of businesses. We know that the restaurant business needs tablecloths and napkins laundered and folded in a specific way. Our staff understands that hotel laundry must be spotless and returned in a timely manner. We specialize in using laundry detergents and softeners to keep towels and sheets soft for the spa business.

Our staff knows how to pay specialized attention to medical, hotel, spa, and restaurant laundry. We ensure that medical linens are free from harmful bacteria and are handled properly. We guarantee not to damage soiled materials but to clean them perfectly. Blood and chemical agents are types of medical substances that are highly contagious and hazardous. We know how to handle these items with care and attention.

We also provide emergency laundry service. Call today for a free quote and set up your linen and laundry program. We guarantee your satisfaction. Once you try our service, you will have no need to look elsewhere.

Having an on-site laundry can be very expensive. You will need to purchase the necessary equipment and have enough linens on hand. You will also need to hire staff to do the laundry. You will end up spending much more money on an on-site laundry service than if you try our commercial laundry service. Use a commercial laundry service to do your dirty laundry. We offer you the most quality service at the very best prices. You will not need to worry about having clean linens at your disposal.


Professional and courteous drivers, clean and new delivery vehicles and a 24-hour turnaround time.

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